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Sponsor Information

  Sponsorship Letter 646 KB7/23/2016

Rules & Regulations

  OCGSA Constitution and By Laws 209 KB5/12/2017
  2017 All-Star Selection 31 KB3/24/2017
  OCGSA rule book revised 5-18-17 276 KB7/26/2017
  USA Softball of Southern California Concussion Law 507 KB2/9/2018

Coach Information

  Injury Report Form 7 KB8/12/2015
  Scorekeeping Tips 28 KB8/12/2015
  Lineup/Defense Sheet 414 KB9/1/2015
  Meadow Setup 336 KB9/19/2015
  Meadow Map 1 MB9/19/2015
  Code of Conduct 385 KB4/24/2017
  OCGSA Select Outline 1 MB2/9/2018
  Spring Select Program 1 MB2/9/2018
  Fall Select Program 644 KB2/9/2018

Volunteer Forms

  Team Parent Handbook 30 KB8/12/2015
  OCGSA Board Description 1 MB8/12/2015
  Team Parent Responsibilities 41 KB8/12/2015
  Reimbursement Form 206 KB7/23/2016
  ASA Background Check Form 1 MB2/26/2017


  Improvement Suggestions and Concerns Form 10 KB8/12/2015
  Code of Ethics Outline 389 KB2/14/2017
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